That acne sucks is a universally known fact. While already dishearteningly difficult to deal with in everyday life, the stresses and unpredictability associated with traveling can unfortunately exacerbate it. Up until quite┬árecently, I struggled with moderately bad acne and tried everything short of Accutane: Proactiv, drugstore cleansers, organic/natural cleansers, expensive cleansers, antibiotics, the Clarisonic brush, […]

I am writing this from my new apartment in Barcelona, Spain. I almost didn’t think that I would make it. Since making my decision official to move to this country and to leave my hometown in California, I have mostly been riddled with anxiety. Thinking about my move would induce feelings of nausea and fear moreso than excitement.

Beyond the usual tourist spots that still manage to enchant many people, Barcelona consists of many unseen aspects that trap one not just into buying a selfie stick in Las Ramblas but into staying here permanently. Here are some of the reasons why I choose to call Barcelona home: