Welcome to my blog!

DSC02254I’m Alise Brillault, which is pronounced more or less like “Brio”- hence the name of the blog.

Although I have a French ancestor or two, as my last name divulges, I myself am from Long Beach, California. I grew up with palm trees, tacos, strip malls, and minivans but have been inflicted with wanderlust since birth. I did study abroad in both India and Paris during University, and as of almost two years ago have been a resident of Barcelona, Spain.

I am here to show you the fun adventures as well as the many frustrations that come from life abroad. I will give you practical tips on how to survive in Spain in addition to personal essays about my experiences. A frequent traveler as well, I will share with you all of my best traveling advice as well as the funny, weird, and challenging things that happen along the way.